Desert Rose

It’s rare that we present a collection from another brand. But we felt that the Desert Rose collection from Ellendale Diamonds Australia is a great example of the craftsmanship, passion, and respect for natural Australian gems, that Giulians prides itself on.  

An encapsulation of modern elegance. Crafted by the Ellendale Diamonds award-winning team, in fine precious metals and set with rare natural pink diamonds from the renowned Argyle diamond mine in East Kimberley, Western Australia. The collection focuses on an organic expression of fine jewellery. Anchored in sustainability, transparency, and ethical sourcing. Each stone is unique, distinct in character with alluring beauty.

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Where nature meets perfection

Alluring beauty

The Desert Rose Jewellery collection is modern and elegant in design. Most of the 18ct rose & white gold jewellery pieces in the Desert Rose collection feature rare Australian pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. They may also be set with Australian Yellow and White diamonds from the Argyle and/or Ellendale diamond mines. All diamonds are ethically sourced and traceable with a certificate of provenance delivered with each piece of designer jewellery.

The Argyle diamond mine, renowned for producing the finest quality stones, supplied over 90% of the worlds pink diamonds and with no new pink diamond deposit likely to ever be found, it has seen the demand escalate for these highly collectable pink gems.

To own an Argyle origin Pink Diamond is to own a piece of Australian History.

“Each and every diamond has its own personality that unfolds from within its infinite depths and reflections.”