When it comes to engagement rings, or gifts for special commemorative occasions, selling ‘off the rack’ just isn’t our style.

We love working with our clients to make special moments all the more special by creating unique and personal pieces.  It starts with a conversation, to gain an understanding of what our client is after, and also to learn about the recipient of the special piece.  We then source possible gemstones and diamonds and present these to our clients along with sketches and pricing.

Once approval has been received, the design becomes a reality in our onsite workshop!

The Hand Making Process

A few years ago we created this stunning platinum and rose gold diamond ring for a client. During the hand making of the ring, we took a few photos to share the creation of the ring with our client, and now we would like to share them with you!

I hope you enjoy this little insight into the hand making process of a diamond engagement ring.

Preparing the platinum band. We use heat to anneal our alloys, allowing us to bend and shape the metal as desired. Photo: Giulians 2018
The band has been shaped, and the metal for the diamond setting has been prepared. Photo: Giulians 2018
Soldering the setting. This will be the section that houses the centre diamond. Photo: Giulians 2018
The ‘collet’ has been shaped to fit the diamond. Photo: Giulians 2018
Using files and a saw, the jeweller hand carves the claws out of the solid collet of platinum as seen in the previous image. Photo: Giulians 2018
A decorative section has been shaped out of 18ct rose gold. This will form a platform for the main diamond setting, and some beautiful decorative detail from the side view once completed. Photo: Giulians 2018
The band is completed with a soldered under-rail and is then cut and filed into shape. A platinum chenier (tube) is soldered to the rose gold, which will house 2 round brilliant cut diamonds either end. Photo: Giulians 2018
A post is added to the under-rail, as extra strength for the ring. This will be soldered through the under-rail, the rose gold section and the diamond bezels. Photo: Giulians 2018
All components have been soldered together and are ready for the diamond setter. Setting stones – especially diamonds and facetted gemstones – is generally done by a specialist setter, although we do set our opals in-store. Photo: Giulians 2018
The end result. Photo: Giulians 2018
Round brilliant-cut diamonds accent the rose gold wings and the platinum cheniers. Photo: Giulians 2018
The upswept platinum band features thread-set round brilliant cut diamonds. Photo: Giulians 2018
Photo: Giulians 2018


If you have any questions about a bespoke Giulians creation, please get in touch via email giulians@giulians.com.au or by using the form below.  We would love to hear from you!


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By Alice | Posted on January 23, 2021