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Custom Engagement Rings – Yes or No?



An engagement ring is a very special purchase. It symbolizes an important moment in your life and your love and commitment to your partner.  Everyone’s love and relationships are unique, so it is little wonder that many people opt for a custom made engagement ring.

How do you know if it is the right choice for you? Below I will explore some of the benefits of having a custom ring made, and also if there are any drawbacks to the process that you may wish to consider before you make your decision. 


One major pro in having a ring custom made, is total control over the design.  If you have some very specific ideas of what you want the ring to look like, it is possible that finding the exact ring off the shelf will be difficult!  When designing a ring for our clients, we take into consideration the recipients style, vocation and lifestyle to make sure we are creating a piece that will fit into their everyday life.  You have control over the setting style, the height of the main gemstones, the metals we use and the quantity of gems.


When having a custom engagement ring designed and made, the first big decision you make is on the centre gemstone.  When working  with you, we will tailor a selection of diamonds or gems based on what you have requested.  You then have an opportunity to view them, giving you total control over the look and quality of the gem we use.     

An off-the-shelf ring for sale on an online-only platform is likely to be mass produced.  Mass produced means these rings are made in volume, 100’s or more at a time, and often with different manufacturing techniques, some of which can compromise on the quality of the end result. Giulians pre-made engagement rings are handcrafted in our onsite workshop, so even if you choose a ring we have ready-made you can be assured of its quality.  


Having a ring custom made can potentially cost more than an off the shelf option – but it is not always the case. We work carefully with our clients to make sure the piece we are designing fits the clients desires, while keeping the budget in mind.  We may offer a few options – one with a smaller higher quality gemstone, and one with a larger stone with a lower grading. Both may fit within your budget, but this gives you control over what is more important to you.  Some people will choose to go with a larger gem, while others choose to compromise size in order to go for higher quality. 


When you go down the custom path, things will take a little longer.  The diamond selection process and design consultation can take a week or two.  The custom made ring will generally take 3 – 4 weeks to complete once we have approval on the centre stone and design.  A more complex design or one with a large number of diamonds may take longer.  While we often can work to a deadline that has been requested, if you are looking for a ring within a week, then a custom design may not be suitable.           

I hope this guide has given you some insight into the custom process, and if a bespoke engagement ring is something you should be considering.  Whether you are buying a ready made piece or having something custom designed, it is important to always go with a jeweller you trust. 

If you are interested in a custom made engagement ring, or have any questions about the process, please get in touch.