Highly distinct of their own

Like humans, black opal display distinct characters of their own, some strong, some weak, but never two the same, especially black opals from Lightning Ridge.

This magnificent gemstone is the most rare and valuable form of opal. Black Opal is found in the Northwest region of NSW in the mining town of Lightning Ridge. Small pockets of rough black opal called “Nobbies” are found trapped in a sandstone layer 10 meters below the ground.

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Discover its colors

The term black opal refers to the dark “potch” material, which encases the opal, masking the brilliant spectrum of colours. When polished black opal can display many unique, but recognisable patterns like harlequin, flagstone, ribbon, straw, Chinese writing and many more. The most expensive colour combination found in black opal, due to its rarity is red on black.

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