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Australian Opals

Own a piece of Australia

Come in to see the award-winning collection of opal jewellery, learn about the diversity of Australian Opals and how they were formed. Our staff have over 150 years experience in Australian opals and jewellery design.

The Ultimate Gift

One of a kind piece of Australian History

These beautiful gemstones took millions of years in the making.  They are some of the rarest, and most diverse gemstones on earth. We take these treasures and create one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces, especially for you.

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make sure you come into Giulians.

Be educated by experts

Come in for a truly unique experience where we educate you on one of the world’s most sought-after gemstones and how they were formed. We offer duty-free services and can deliver worldwide.

  • Only Natural Solid Opals

  • One of Australia's Largest Collections of Opals

  • Uniquely Australian

  • Millions of years of Australian history

  • Natural, solid opals - not doublet or triplet (layered)

  • Australia's National Gemstone

We Offer

Genuine and Authentic Australian Opals.
The rarest, most valuable stones in the world.

Australia’s National Gemstone

Black Opals

  • Black Opals are the most valuable and rarest form of opals on earth
  • They display many unique colours, with beautiful patterns
  • Their play-of-colour or ‘fire’ can show blues, blue-greens through to oranges and reds
  • Found in the Northwest region of NSW in the mining town of Lightning Ridge

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Contemporary Jewellery designs

Boulder Opals

  • Cut into unusual or freeform shapes
  • Polished with the strong natural back retained to form part of the gem
  • One of the world’s most beautiful and versatile gems

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The ‘white man in hole’

White Opals

  • Australia’s main source of white opal is mined in central South Australia
  • White opal ranges from a creamy white colour to crystal or translucent with bright pastel fire
  • It is sometimes referred to as light or milk opal

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You will be sure to find something for that someone special.

We have one of the world’s largest collections of Australian Pearls and Australian Opals.