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Australian Opals


Black Opal

Australian black opals, primarily found in Lightning Ridge, NSW, are renowned for their rare and captivating play of colour against a dark body tone. Each opal is unique, displaying vibrant flashes of blues, greens, and reds, making them highly prized by collectors and jewellery enthusiasts. These opals are cherished for their beauty and rarity, often considered valuable investments and treasured heirlooms.

Boulder Opal

Australian boulder opals, found mainly in Queensland, boast unique patterns within ironstone boulders. Their vibrant colours, ranging from blues to reds, make each stone a natural masterpiece. Highly sought-after by collectors and jewellers, boulder opals are prized for their individuality and beauty, often featuring as centrepieces in bespoke jewellery pieces.

White Opal

Australian white opals, primarily from South Australia, feature a milky white base with vibrant flashes of colour. Known for their translucent appearance and captivating hues, they’re popular for jewellery designs. With colours ranging from pastels to vivid tones, these opals add elegance and charm to any piece.