Timeless elegance

Despite the black pearl’s luxurious qualities and timeless elegance, its is the pearls humble beginnings and beautiful origins that increase its mythical intrigue tenfold. A mere bead of polished shell to begin with, it is nurtured for two years in the womb of the black-lipped oyster, in the deep turquoise waters of the French Polynesian lagoons. Once harvested, they are cleansed in freshwater and detergent, then lightly polished. No further enhancement is required. Round shapes being the most sought after, Tahitian pearls also range in shapes from semi-round/drops, buttons, baroque and circle.

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Divinely given

A gift from Oro, the legendary Polynesian god of peace and fertility, black pearl is considered by some a divine object, reflecting it’s origins in it’s infinite and ever-changing colours, and uniqueness.

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