The miracle of nature

The most beautiful pearls in the world grow in the seas off Australia’s s northwest coast. These South Sea Pearls are known as Broome pearls, after the small local coastal town of Broome in western Australia, where the pollution free waters offer the unique environment required to produce pearls of such exquisite beauty.

No two pearls are alike, the miracle of nature is in its ability to never duplicate any of its creations. Perfectly round South Sea pearls are rare – nature has again reminded us of its intervention with the diversity of other pearl shapes available; drop, button, circle and baroque.

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Selecting a pearl

South Sea pearls have a soft satin lustre, with colours as varied as pale peach, white, rose pink, silver and gold.

When selecting a pearl it is important to recognise the personality each one has been blessed with. Pearls come in an infinite combination of shape, colour and size. The most beautiful pearls may still have slight imperfections which appear in the form of small pits or dimples. It is the ‘beauty’ marks which characterize pearls.

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Beautiful satin lustre and texture

South Sea pearls are the largest in the world and are commonly cultured in sizes from 10 – 17mm, although with the latest technology can now reach diameters exceeding 20mm.

Sometimes known as ‘Broome’ Pearls, after the small coastal town of Broome in Western Australia where the first harvesting of pearls originated, these exquisite South Sea Pearls have beautiful satin lustre and texture, with colours as varied as pale peach, gold, white, rose pink and silver. South Sea pearls are the creation of the giant silver and gold lip tropical Mother of Pearl shell – ‘Pinctada maxima’,the shell itself is a rare find and is now protected in the pearling beds of our southern oceans.

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