Australian Pearls

We have one of the world’s largest ranges of Australian pearls and pearl jewellery.  Whether you have a design in mind or want to have a unique piece designed and handmade by our onsite jewellers, our experienced staff will take you through our collection.

Pearls of such Exquisite Beauty

South Sea Pearls

The most beautiful pearls in the world grow in the seas off Australia’s north-west coast. These South Sea Pearls are also known as Broome pearls, after the small local coastal town of Broome in Western Australia, where the pollution free waters offer the unique environment required to produce pearls of such exquisite beauty.

  • A soft satin lustre, with colours as varied as pale peach, white, rose pink, silver and gold
  • The largest in the world and commonly cultured in sizes from 10 – 17mm
  • The creation of the giant silver and gold lip tropical Pinctada Maxima pearl oyster

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The Miracle of Nature

Tahitian pearls

Also referred to as the Tahiti cultured pearl, this miracle of nature has recently become the world’s favourite pearl.
If you have ever had the chance to view this revered gem of the sea, you will have little doubt as to why the Black pearl has been so successful.

  • Nurtured in the womb of the black-lipped oyster, in the deep turquoise waters of the French Polynesian lagoons
  • Considered by some a divine object
  • Range in shapes from semi-round/drops, buttons, baroque and circle.

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You will be sure to find something for that someone special.

We have one of the finest collections of Australian Pearls and Australian Opals.

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