Giulians inaugural Meet the Brewer and Putt for Cash evening.

Everyone’s heard of food and wine pairings  – even food and beer pairings, but beer and fine jewellery may not seem such an obvious match!

Most of you know what we do, and how well we do it, so Gary’s idea for this bi-monthly event is simply to create a fun experience – an introduction to a local Sydney brewer, while adding a competitive edge with a putting competition and a chance to have some laughs.

For those lucky enough to attend, you already know it was a bit of fun, but for the rest of you – here’s a glimpse of what you missed and what you can look forward to next month.  Keep scrolling for all the images taken on the night.


The Brewer

Wayward Brewing Co.’s ethos is ‘life is about finding out what’s around that corner, experiencing new things and enjoying great beer with good friends’.  When you find people passionate about what they do, it is easy to share in their enthusiasm, and Pete Philip, founder of Wayward Brewing Co is no exception.

Pete, combining his love of beer, business, travel and adventure founded Wayward brewing Co in 2012. Wayward by name, the company was a gypsy brewer until 2015, when Pete, along with head brewer Shaun Blissett opened Wayward’s 1st brewery and cellar bar at 1 Gehrig Lane, Camperdown.  This was originally the site of a winery, dating back almost a century.  The original wax-lined wine vats have been converted into rooms, and with a 24-tap bar featuring both Wayward’s core range of craft beers and some constantly changing single-batch seasonal releases, it is a beer lovers paradise.  (A small wine list for the non-beer drinkers). They also do brewery tours on Saturdays and have a rotating food truck schedule and pizza menu,  so it is totally worth a visit!  For more info check out

Pete generously lent his time on the night to talk about his beers and his brand.

The selection of beers for tasting on the night – Bavarian Lager, Berliner Weisse, Pale Ale and Black IPA.

The Beer

Four of Wayward Brewing Co’s beers were for tasting – a Bavarian lager, a pale ale, a sour beer and a dark IPA.

KELLER INSTINCT – Bavarian Lager
Kellerbier is a German style of beer which literally translates to ‘Cellar Beer’ – referring to the cooler temperatures the beer is brewed and conditioned under.
Notes:  A pale-golden, Bavarian Lager which uses premium German, Wheat, Vienna and Munich malts, giving a sweet, biscuit flavor and an ultra-smooth finish. The Wheat specifically adds body while the hops give a touch of herbal notes. This beer is cold fermented, giving it that crisp, clean finish. 4.8% ABV

Notes: Named after Wayward’s neighbourhood, this is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. This smooth and easy drinking golden summer ale has just the right balance of biscuit malt and fresh hop aroma that melds the best of an American and English ale style. Pine on the nose gives way to passionfruit on the palate and a light, fruity finish.  It acts as an ideal food pairing and tastes good with just about any dish.  4.6% ABV

SOURPUSS – Raspberry Berliner Weisse
Considered the “champagne of beer”, this tart, fruity wheat beer is a traditional Berlin-style sour with fresh raspberry aroma and a light sweetness with a clean pilsner and wheat malt finish. Sourpuss is an ultra- refreshing beer that is perfect on a hot summer’s day or paired with food. A great choice for both cider lovers and beer lovers. First brewed by request of Pete’s wife and now a fan-favourite among Wayward punters. 3.8% ABV

The Slapshot Black IPA is a traditional hop forward American IPA brewed with dark roasted malts. These bold malt flavours of caramel and cacao balance perfectly with the citrus-fruit and pine hop character, to give a smooth and rounded finish. 6.5% ABV


Wayward Brewing Co’s Camperdown 1 pale ale, for tasting.
Pete, founder of Wayward Brewing Co.
The grazing table of sopressa, salami, proscuitto, olives, truffle brie, cheddar and blue cheese.
Camperdown 1, Sour Puss and Slap Shot.
From Left: Pete Philip and Phil de Merindol at ‘the bar’.

Signs of an enjoyable night.

The Putting

Despite some admirable attempts, no-one made the winning putt  – during the official part of the evening at least.  (Apparently if you remove the pressure of cash and add more beer, putting becomes easy!)  But this means the prize has doubled!  So with that incentive in mind – come and try your luck next month.

Guess the opal and pearl value competition – among a collection of Giulians jewellery.
One of Giulians amazing black opals – 9.22cts.
Ben’s guess was closest to the mark for the pearl value – while Mark’s was obviously not!
Jorge, 1st putt of the evening – and the closest!
Adam – reading the green. Will need to get much better at reading carpet!
No doubt Mark thought he had this in the hole… maybe next time!
We may need to work on Ben’s stance – but no improvement needed on his pearl knowledge!
Surely that ones gotta go in!!
In Phil’s own words – some mediocre putting, and no-one was going to argue!
Maybe stick to fishing Deano!
Pace better suited to Happy Valley Racecourse!
Late night drop in, better luck next time Allan!
Giulians dress code for the evening – ‘come as you are’.

Thank you to all who attended.  To sum up the night, I think Phil said it best –

Thank you for arranging such an enjoyable evening for us all- great beers, great conversation, some lovely opals & some mediocre putting.

We look forward to seeing even more faces at our next Meet the Brewer night, which will be on Wednesday 5th September (mark it in your calendar!) Please email if you want to know more about Giulians or our next event.




By Alice | Posted on August 7, 2018