Handmaking an Opal Pendant.

Rather than choosing a piece that is already made, some of our clients choose to get a piece custom made during their stay in Sydney.  It starts with the gemstone – in this case a lovely boulder opal from Quilpie in Queensland.  Once the opal is selected, a sketch is created for the jeweller to work from, and manufacturing begins!  Here are some step by step photos of this creative manufacturing process.

3.03ct Natural solid boulder opal from Quilpie, QLD.
A pencil sketch of the design to be made.
18ct white gold in bar form – this is where it starts.
A machine called rollers are used to alter the dimensions of the bar.
Pieces of metal are bent into shape, soldered and filed.
Joining the components together.
The finished product.

If you would like more information or if you have interest in getting a piece custom made, please email giulians@giulians.com.au or fill out the below enquiry form, and we will get in touch!  Don’t forget we can ship worldwide, insured door to door.

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By Alice | Posted on May 25, 2018