The ‘King’ of Gemstones

Australian Diamonds

By a beautiful quirk of nature only eighty in every million carat of diamonds mined are pink. This diamond had always been known as the ‘king’ of gemstones and the beautiful pink diamond is indeed extremely pink.

The ‘fluke of nature’

Far out in the ancient landscape of Northwest Australia (The Kimberley Region) there exists a vast treasure trove of diamonds unlike any the world has ever seen. Sparkling diamonds of myriad hues. These remarkable gems, Pink, cognac, champagne and white lend themselves beautifully to some of Giulians most stunning creations.

The reason a diamond becomes pink is not entirely understood and thus it has often been called a ‘fluke of nature’, but this only adds to its mystery and value.

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Highly sought after for their versatility

Champagne and cognac diamonds are the least appreciated and, for the moment, the least expensive of the fancy coloured diamonds.

Imbued with effervescent natural colours with rich overtones of yellow, orange and pink, these diamonds represent the best opportunity for value. Mined since 1985 from the same source as the pink diamonds they are now becoming internationally recognised. Coloured diamonds are highly sought after for their versatility in providing contrast in jewellery design.


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