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Creating fine jewels and dealing with clients for three generations has given Giulians the expertise to intuitively interpret their client’s desires when it comes to the creation of unique designer pieces. Over 150 years of combined experience informs our current philosophy.

jewellery Philosophy

At Giulians, we design wearable works of art that are truly timeless. We believe that the way our pieces make you feel when you wear them, or see them, is as important as their beauty and quality.

Our approach to fine-jewellery making is rooted in craftsmanship and driven by an intense desire to explore the artistic sensibility of rare and precious materials.

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Our Values

The Designer


He embraces every opportunity
Gary is an accomplished master jeweller, having created many unique pieces in a virtuosic fashion. He has designed and crafted pieces under commission for an impressive list of celebrity clients including Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Sir Cliff Richard, Luciano Pavarotti, Hillary Clinton and Chris Martin.

Winning many prestigious awards along the way, Gary has gained a reputation for embracing each opportunity as if it were his most important to date.

He designs with today’s modern client in mind, whilst being ever mindful of his belief, that the best investments will always be classically simple pieces, using quality gems.

I love designing and creating pieces to compliment my client’s style and personality. There is so much more to be done with our wonderful, natural resources.


Our jewellery story

Trina Coffey

Dana Vortouni

Joel Coffey

Alice Coffey

A family business for three generations
Giulians is a family business with a long history. Established in 1966, we became renowned for a world- class collection of opals and one-of-a-kind custom made jewels that were true statement pieces.

The craft of fine jewellery making is in our DNA. We continue to evolve, championing the awe-inspiring natural resources that Australia has to offer, and transforming luxurious rare materials into wearable works of art.

We Miss You

An ode to past loves.

Designs that we truly miss seeing every day, although it has been a pleasure to pass them on to new owners who will surely pass them down as heirlooms. A visual Exploration of some of the jewels that have travelled through the doors of our atelier.

From our family, to yours.